ELIPSE Balloon

The Elipse Balloon is the world’s first and only weight loss balloon that is placed and removed without requiring endoscopy or anesthesia. It is placed during a brief 20-minute outpatient visit. After four months in the body, it automatically deflates and passes safely through the digestive tract.

How does the balloon work?
The Elipse Balloon creates a feeling of fullness, allowing you to eat less without the hunger that accompanies most diets. The food you do eat stays in your stomach longer, reinforcing the feeling of fullness and enabling you to skip snacks between meals. Clinical studies have consistently demonstrated that gastric balloons provide more significant weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

How do they work?
Weight loss balloons work by inducing a feeling of fullness, taking up space in the stomach and slowing the passage of food.
Their presence helps users feel fuller faster, training them to eat smaller portions. Weight loss balloons enable their users to make healthier dietary choices without the cravings and hunger that often accompany regular diets.

What happens if I decide to have an Elipse Balloon?
Your physician will conduct a thorough exam and investigate your medical history to confirm that the Elipse Balloon is right for you. The Elipse Balloon is placed during a brief 20-minute office visit and following physician approval, most people return to normal activities immediately following placement.
During the program, a smart scale connects you with your doctor and allows him/her to track your progress, provide real-time advice and support, helping you stay on track.
Four months after placement, the Elipse Balloon automatically deflates and passes naturally, without the need for a procedure or even an office visit for removal*

What happens when the balloon is gone?
By the time your balloon passes, your body will be accustomed to feeling healthy and energized with smaller portions.

How can I get started?
Talk to your doctor to see if you are a candidate for the Elipse Program.

* In rare cases, the Elipse Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal. Results may vary from one participant to another. Talk to your doctor to find out if the Elipse Program is right for you.

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